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Successful B2B Lead Generation with the Konradin Industry Network

Convert your B2B Leads into valuable Customers

We generate B2B Leads, acquire potential Customers, and enhance your Awareness

Standalone Newsletters, Whitepaper Campaigns, Advertorials and more

With our B2B Lead Generation measures, we assist you in establishing new Connections and sparking interest among potential Clients for your Products and Solutions. Utilising our proprietary Address Database, we specifically Target relevant Industries to disseminate informative material to your intended Audience. With bespoke online Campaigns, dedicated Newsletters, or insightful online Advertorials, you can precisely target key Contacts and Executives in your Industry. Simultaneously, impress them with your extensive knowledge and expertise.

High-quality Content on its own will prove insufficient unless it can be located: Alongside Content Creation and B2B Lead Generation, we provide tailored SEO Strategies and plan additional measures to secure your B2B Leads. This is how we maximise the complete potential of B2B opportunities, to your full advantage.

B2B Lead Generation

Online Advertorials

Standalone Newsletters


Display Ads

Premium Company Profile

Address Rental

Content Marketing

B2B Lead Generation through our Trade Media

Reach out to your Target Audience with the unprecedented scope of our Trade Media Brands

Your Options for B2B Lead Generation

Benefit from our comprehensive online Marketing Solutions and discover your Opportunities

Customised B2B Lead Generation measures

In addition to B2B Lead Enrichment, Stand-alone Newsletters, online Advertorials and Whitepaper Campaigns, our core competencies include Customised Activities. To this end, we combine our cross-media expertise and work directly with you to develop fully customised B2B Lead Generation and Brand Awareness initiatives.

Konradin Industry – Your Service Provider for B2B Lead Generation

Our Strengths are your Advantages

For over 90 years, Konradin Industrie has been one of the largest providers of Expert Information in Germany as a Specialist Media Publisher with over 400 Employees. Our extensive and unparalleled Industry Network enables us to deliver a cross-media, Targeted approach across Print and Online, from Trade Events and Media Partnerships to B2B Lead Generation. With content-rich online Advertorials and Whitepaper Campaigns, or bespoke Standalone Newsletter, we generate high quality, qualified B2B Leads.

Comprehensive Address Database

High Campaign Performance

GDPR Compliant implementation

Cross-media Complete Solutions

Individual Support

Precise Targeting

Gain B2B Leads

Boost your Sales even further with our Lead Generation Services

B2B Lead Generation is a significant milestone on the journey from initial Contact to the final closing of a Sale. The key discipline here is proficient embedding within the Sales Funnel. At Konradin Industrie, we help you achieve your Communication Goals by developing a bespoke Plan to acquire new and valuable B2B Leads. With our data-driven CRM System, we can identify the Address Potential based upon individual Criteria, allowing us to directly target Key Contacts and Executives within your Industry.

Convince potential Customers

We reach your Target Group with powerful Content

Whether Standalone Newsletters, online Advertorials, Print Ads, or Live Communication solutions – we devise the perfect communication strategy with your full input and supporting information. Our comprehensive B2B Lead Generation measures lend your message the necessary Character, in order to captivate your Target Audience. This approach ensures that Products and Innovations that require explanation can be successfully presented to the Market and potential B2B Leads can be secured. Simultaneously, you will profit from a unique showcase on our unrivalled Platforms – with no competition.

Would you like to learn more about our B2B Lead Generation Strategies?

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